This program is not conceived for consultation in a linear manner. Viewers are free to choose from among the eleven separate subdivisions, according to their personal interests.

  1. The Night Prince is an introductory essay.
  2. From Botticelli to Caravaggio traces the evolution in art from the spirit of the Renaissance to the vision of the Baroque.
  3. Depiction of Night, or the Birth of Chiaroscuro highlights several depictions of night - by Giotto, Piero della Francesca, Tintoretto and Zucchi - up to Caravaggio.
  4. From Shadow to Light is an abbreviated biography introducing a few major works.
  5. A most Romantic Destiny is a full biography introducing 31 major works chosen by Jacques-Edouard Berger.
  6. An Emblematic Cycle: The Life of Saint Matthew presents three paintings from San Luigi dei Francesi (the French church in Rome). In themselves, these three works, based on the life of St. Matthew, resume Caravaggio's entire output. The painter in all his facets is present in the Contarelli chapel.
  7. The Course of Evolution shown by theme, as handled by Caravaggio at various periods : two works depicting "(Last) Supper at Emmaus", two works depicting "David and Goliath", and five works depicting "St. John the Baptist".
  8. The era of the Baroque provides a succinct definition of this movement, based on lecture-class notes by Jacques-Edouard Berger.
  9. The Caravaggisti in Europe presents the influence of Caravaggio in Spain ( Zurburán) and Holland (Terbrugghen), and in France (see program Georges de La Tour; " Trufamond").
  10. Caravaggio and Georges De La Tour: different viewpoints.
  11. List of works presented.