Illustrated here, the 120th panel of the first gallery deals with the 11th pivotal episode, representing the Buddha at Sarnath, in the Deer Park, where his third birth, unto the Word, takes place. From then on he will be enabled to teach and, amazingly, from then on there are no more episodes conveying the message of the Buddha in his daily life, for they are all contained in the sutras (sermons by the Buddha on Buddhism).

In effect, all that the Borobudur Lalita narrates has to do with what preceded the Buddha's awakening to the Word, that is, his three births: the physical birth at Kapilavastu (Himalayan foothills of present-day S. Nepal), his birth to light at Bodh Gaya, and to the Word at Sarnath.

The last birth, the absolute birth, the Purinirvana - known to us as death - is not shown to us. The Lalita comes to an end when the Buddha starts his sermons, and it is the sutras that go on from there.

All this is beautifully documented in this first gallery, from which we are now ready to go straight to the top, to the World of Formlessness, the site of the One and Only.