Is someone again being made a fool of here?

Three soldiers are playing dice. Are cheaters once more involved, dramatized in a light that is stranger than ever? And on the right, that young girl wearing an earring, what is she doing among the men? How about the figure on the left? Could it be he is spiriting something away behind the soldier's back, while the action unfolds at the game table?

Have you been able to recognize the lively play of hands here, just as in the preceding work?

Look at the faces. The artist Caravaggio has already served as a reference. Here, the comparison that comes to mind would be Botticelli, upon examining first one soldier, then another.

After reviewing several stray works in the company of the gypsy, this second chapter and its vast genre scenes is drawing to a close. In seeking to please his patrons, Georges de La Tour's production was not restricted to moralizing fables and edifying commentaries.

What about this conversation?