As already mentioned, the lack of definitive data makes establishing
a chronology of this artist's oeuvre impossible.
Therefore, in presenting the second half of this program, the religious paintings,
we continue along the lines suggested by Jacques-Edouard BERGER.

The Dream of Saint Joseph

The Newborn Child

Christ and Saint Joseph in the Carpenter's Shop

The Adoration of the Shepherds

The analysis of these four works could be organized according to various stylistic criteria or probable datings.
We shall be using the order diagrammed above, which respects the biblical chronology but does not correspond with the order of their occurrence as paintings, according to the analyses of historians. However, since each one is an authentic masterpiece in its own right, each can be approached separately and beyond temporal considerations.
Hence, do feel free to follow your own feelings in the matter, and take them in any order you wish.


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This one refers you to the brilliant analysis
of the painting done by the young student
introduced at the start of our program.


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